Friday, April 3, 2015

Rise and Shine Mrs. Field!

Title:  Rise & Shine Mrs. Field!
Author:  Four Sisters, Nancy Atkins
Martha Field, Sue Petrick, Kakie Sawyer
Illustrator: Sean Murphy
Publisher:  Four Sisters, ©2014
ISBN:  978-0692204207
Grade Level:  PreK-2
Book Review:  Life on a small family farm may be unfamiliar to children living in a modern, urban settings, but no doubt they will be enchanted by this carefully crafted rhyming tale that explains what happens when Mr. Fields must go away for the day on business, leaving Mrs. Field to feed the animals.  Mrs. Field sleeps soundly through the pleas of each of the farm animals until one clever animal manages to awaken her to the great relief of the rest of the animals on the farm.  Careful attention has been given to the language in this book making it an exceptionally delightful read aloud.

Systems Thinking Connections
Habits:  Considers long-term, short-term and unintended consequences of actions. Mrs. Fields is just enjoying a few extra minutes of sleep, but her decision has some consequences that will bring about lots of great dialogue amongst young readers.
Tools:  This book is an excellent example of a basic story structure pattern of "no, no, no. yes."  It can be represented in a behavior over time graph (BOTG) by asking the question, "do the animals get fed?"  Students will quickly see the common story pattern and be able to compare it to other familiar stories with a similar structure.
Students could also use a BOTG to represent the number of animals that want Mrs. Field to wake up and feed them breakfast.

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