Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Title:  Moosetache
Author: Margie Palatini
Illustrator: Henry Cole
Publisher: Scholastic ©1997

ISBN: 0-590-53827-6
Grade Level: PreK-2

Book Review
We have all had a bad hair day, but for Moose an unwieldy mustache is an annoyance that affects every aspect of his life, until the day it leads him to the love of his life.  The cleverly crafted, alliterative narrative makes this a fabulous read aloud.  In addition to being a marvelous story that can be read and reread for pure pleasure, the craft and structure of Moosetache provides a great text for teaching the elements of story.  The rich language makes it a great source for teaching vocabulary.

Systems Thinking Connections
Habits: Moose practices successive approximation with a great payoff for his persistence.

Story Structure Archetype:  This story is excellent for use with the story structure archetype. The problem, six attempts at a solution and the final resolution provide clean, specific examples of the elements of a well-structured story.

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