Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Three Billy Goats Fluff

Title:  The Three Billy Goats Fluff
Author:  Rachael Mortimer
Illustrator:  Liz Pichon
Publisher:  Scholastic, ©2010
ISBN:  978-0-545-49819-7
Grade Level:  PreK-2

Book Review:  In the classic tale, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff,"  a conflict between the three billy goats and the mean, hungry troll is resolved with the troll's untimely disappearance into the water.  Based on that familiar tale, The Three Billy Goats Fluff offers a delightful resolution to the conflict that illustrates the power of innovation, clothed in an excellent example of caring and compassion.  Vibrant, appealing illustrations, coupled with the troll's clever, rhyming couplets, and the innovative resolution to the problem, this is a must add volume to any classroom with a collection of fairy tales and modern retellings.

Systems Thinking Connections:
Structure Generates Behavior:  The book provides a great illustration of how a small change in structure can make a big impact in changing the troll's behavior.
Changes Perspectives to Increase Understanding:  Not only is it clear that the goats and the troll have a different perspective of them tramping over the bridge, the mother goat is a prime example of how beneficial it is to see things from multiple perspectives.  She is a fine example of someone who practices this habit.

Systems Thinking Tools:
BOTG--Graph the discontent of the troll with his new home.
Feedback--Kindness shown increases kindness experienced.  Kindness exerienced increases kindness shown.

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